Tempurpedic Contour Elite Review: The Ultimate Guide

If you are in search of a comfortable mattress that provides remarkable support for your body, then the Tempurpedic Contour Elite may be your perfect mattress. In this review, we will explore the various features of the Tempur-Pedic Contour Elite and share our thoughts based on extensive tests that go in-depth to find out if this mattress is worth your investment.

When it comes to sleep, we all have different preferences for comfort and support. The Tempur-Pedic Contour Elite mattress is designed to provide a medium-firm surface with contouring support for those who prefer a slightly firmer feel. The mattress is made of high-density memory foam that responds to your body’s temperature and weight to provide customized support and pressure relief.

The Tempur-Pedic Contour Elite mattress has a 12.5-inch profile, with a quilted cover that features a cooling technology to regulate body temperature. The mattress has two layers of memory foam, with the top layer being 2.5 inches thick and made of contouring material that contours to the curves of the body for pressure relief. The bottom layer is a 9-inch thick support layer that provides deep compression support and durability.

Overall, the Tempur-Pedic Contour Elite mattress is a popular choice among those who prefer a medium-firm mattress that offers contouring support. However, it may not be the best choice for those who prefer a soft, plush surface or who have a limited budget. Other factors to consider when choosing a mattress include sleep position, body weight, and personal preferences for material and firmness.

What is the Tempurpedic Contour Elite?

Are you in search of a mattress that provides exceptional support and comfort? Look no further than the Tempurpedic Contour Elite, an innovative mattress that is designed to meet your sleeping needs. This mattress utilizes patented memory foam technology to provide a customized sleeping experience that contours to your body shape and evenly distributes your body weight, so you can wake up feeling well-rested and rejuvenated. In this section, we will examine the various attributes of the Tempurpedic Contour Elite, from its materials and construction to its firmness level, pressure relief and support, motion isolation and noise, and much more.

Materials and Construction

The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is made of high-quality materials that are designed to provide exceptional comfort and support. Here are the details of its construction:

  • The top layer is made of Tempur-Pedic’s patented TEMPUR material, which conforms to the curves of your body for personalized comfort and support.
  • Beneath the top layer is a support layer made of TEMPUR HD material, which provides additional support and durability.
  • The mattress cover is made of a high-performance moisture-wicking fabric that is removable and washable.

The combination of these materials creates a mattress that offers superior pressure relief and support, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Firmness and Comfort Level

The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is known for providing a firm yet comfortable sleeping experience. The memory foam conforms to the body’s shape, allowing for customized support. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when considering the firmness and comfort level of this mattress:

  • The Contour Elite is considered a firm mattress, rating around 7-8 out of 10 on the firmness scale.
  • The memory foam layers contour to the body’s shape, providing a cradling effect that relieves pressure points and reduces tossing and turning during sleep.
  • While the mattress does have a firm feel, it does not sacrifice comfort. The top TEMPUR layer provides a plush and cozy feel, while the TEMPUR HD layer below adds durability and support.
  • Overall, the Tempurpedic Contour Elite offers a firm sleeping experience that still manages to be comfortable and supportive. However, it may not be the best fit for those who prefer a softer or more plush mattress.

    Pressure Relief and Support

    The Tempurpedic Contour Elite offers excellent pressure relief and support. The memory foam layers conform to the body, distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure points. This makes it a great option for those with back pain, joint pain, or other orthopedic conditions.

    Additionally, the bed’s firmness level helps with spinal alignment and reduces the risk of sinking in too deep, which can cause discomfort and disrupt sleep.

    List of features:

    • Memory foam layers conform to the body, reducing pressure points
    • Firmness level aids in spinal alignment
    • Reduces sinking sensation, providing added support
    • Motion Isolation and Noise

      The Tempurpedic Contour Elite excels in motion isolation, making it an ideal choice for couples. The memory foam layers absorb movement, ensuring that one partner’s movements do not disturb the other’s sleep. This feature makes the mattress perfect for light sleepers who might be awakened by a partner’s movement.

      In terms of noise, the Tempurpedic Contour Elite is virtually silent. Unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, there are no coils or springs to produce creaking or squeaking noises when moving on or off the bed. This feature is particularly useful for couples who may need to get in and out of the bed at different times or have different schedules.

      Overall, the Tempurpedic Contour Elite is an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful, restful night’s sleep. With its superior motion isolation and silence, the mattress ensures that couples remain undisturbed by any unwarranted noise and movement during the night.

      Pros and Cons of the Tempurpedic Contour Elite

      While the Tempurpedic Contour Elite undoubtedly offers numerous benefits, it’s always helpful to weigh those pros against any potential drawbacks. As with any product, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Tempurpedic Contour Elite to help you make an informed decision on whether this mattress is the best fit for you.


      • The Tempurpedic Contour Elite offers a personalized and customizable sleeping experience, conforming to your body’s shape for enhanced comfort and pressure relief.
      • It provides a firm level of support, making it ideal for those with back pain or orthopedic conditions.
      • The memory foam layers and moisture-wicking fabric offer superior temperature regulation, ensuring a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.
      • The motion isolation properties make it virtually silent, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep for couples.
      • The mattress cover is removable and washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
      • Cons

        The Tempurpedic Contour Elite mattress is not without its downsides. Here are a few things to consider before making a purchase:

        • Price: The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is one of the more expensive mattresses on the market, making it less accessible for budget-conscious shoppers.
        • Firmness: While many people appreciate the firmness of this mattress, it may not be comfortable for those who prefer softer sleeping surfaces.
        • Off-Gassing: Like most memory foam mattresses, the Tempurpedic Contour Elite may emit an odor when first unwrapped. This should dissipate within a few days, but it can be unpleasant for some people.
        • If these cons don’t deter you, the Tempurpedic Contour Elite could be a great investment in your sleep health and overall well-being.

          Who is the Tempurpedic Contour Elite Good For?

          Choosing the right mattress can be a daunting task, and it requires a thorough understanding of your sleep preferences and bodily needs. The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is a popular choice for those seeking an ultra-firm, supportive mattress that adapts to their body shape. However, it’s crucial to consider whether this mattress would be suitable for your specific sleeping position, body type, and health and medical conditions. In this section, we’ll delve into the nuances of who the Tempurpedic Contour Elite is an excellent fit for and who might need to look elsewhere.

          Sleeping Positions

          The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is suitable for back and stomach sleepers as it provides good support and spinal alignment. Its ultra-firmness reduces sinkage and helps maintain proper alignment. However, side sleepers may not find this mattress comfortable as it may put pressure on their hips and shoulders. If you’re a side sleeper, it’s recommended to choose a softer mattress to avoid discomfort and pressure points.

          The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is suitable for people with an average or above-average body weight. Its firmness helps distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and ensuring proper spinal alignment for a comfortable sleep experience. However, lighter individuals who prefer softer surfaces may not find this mattress suitable, as it may feel too firm and uncomfortable.

          The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is an excellent choice for people with back pain, orthopedic conditions, or other medical issues that require a firm and supportive sleeping surface. Its memory foam layers conform to the body’s shape and provide targeted pressure relief, ensuring a more comfortable and restful sleep. However, people with respiratory problems or allergies may experience an unpleasant odor when unwrapping the mattress, which may trigger their symptoms.

          Body Type

          The Tempurpedic Contour Elite may be suitable for people with an average or above-average body weight. However, it may be too firm for people who have a lighter body weight or prefer a softer surface. The mattress conforms to the body’s shape, but it may cause discomfort for individuals who sink too deeply into the foam.

          If you have a larger body type, the Contour Elite’s firmness level and support may be suitable for you. However, if you are of smaller stature or prefer a softer surface, you may want to consider a mattress with a lower firmness level and more cushioning.

          Here are some characteristics to consider for different body types:

          • Average or above-average body weight: may find the Contour Elite supportive and comfortable
          • Lighter body weight: may find the mattress too firm
          • Large body type: may find the Contour Elite supportive and comfortable
          • Small body type: may find the mattress too firm

          Ultimately, choosing a mattress that matches your body type can significantly impact your sleep quality and overall health.

          Health and Medical Conditions

          The Tempurpedic Contour Elite is an excellent choice for those with back pain or orthopedic conditions because it provides superior pressure relief and spinal alignment. However, it may exacerbate certain medical conditions, including respiratory problems or allergies, due to its off-gassing properties. This mattress may not be suitable for those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory disorders. In addition, it may not be comfortable for those who suffer from chronic pain or arthritis, as the firmness may increase discomfort in certain individuals.

          Here are some medical conditions that may benefit from a Tempurpedic Contour Elite mattress:

          • Back pain
          • Orthopedic conditions
          • Scoliosis
          • Sleep apnea (in some cases)
          • If you have concerns about sleeping on a Tempurpedic Contour Elite due to underlying health conditions, it’s important to speak with your physician before making a purchase.

            How to Care for Your Tempurpedic Contour Elite

            To maintain the quality and longevity of your investment in the Tempurpedic Contour Elite mattress, it’s essential to understand how to maintain and care for it. While this highly-durable mattress requires minimal cleaning, it still demands attention and care for optimal performance. In this section, we will guide you on how to clean and maintain your Tempurpedic Contour Elite, as well as provide information about warranties and trial periods. Take the time to read through and apply the strategies here, and you’re sure to enjoy your mattress for years to come.

            Cleaning and Maintenance

            To keep your Tempurpedic Contour Elite in top condition, follow these cleaning and maintenance tips:

            • Vacuum your mattress regularly to remove dirt and dust.
            • Use a damp cloth to clean any stains or spills promptly.
            • Avoid using harsh chemicals or solvents that may damage the mattress.
            • Rotate the mattress every three months to prevent uneven wear and tear.
            • Do not remove the cover for washing, but spot clean as needed.
            • Following these tips will help to extend the lifespan of your Tempurpedic Contour Elite mattress and maintain its quality and performance.

              Tempurpedic offers a 90-night sleep trial period for the Contour Elite mattress, during which customers can return the mattress for a full refund. The mattress also comes with a 10-year limited warranty, which covers defects in materials and workmanship. For more information on the warranty and trial period, visit Tempurpedic’s website or contact their customer service team.

              Warranty and Trial Period

              The Tempurpedic Contour Elite comes with a 10-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, which covers sagging, cracking, or splitting. This warranty is only available to the original purchaser, and it requires a proper foundation or bed base to support the mattress.

              The trial period for the Tempurpedic Contour Elite mattress is 90 nights. If you’re not satisfied with your mattress during this time, you can return it for a full refund or exchange it for another Tempurpedic mattress. However, returns may incur shipping and handling fees.

              Here’s a list of important things to know about the Tempurpedic Contour Elite warranty and trial period:

              • The warranty only covers manufacturing defects and not normal wear and tear or misuse.
              • The trial period requires a mandatory 30-night break-in period to allow your body to adjust to the mattress.
              • If you return your mattress, it will be either recycled or donated to charity.
              • For warranty claims, you’ll need to provide proof of purchase and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for inspection and repair.

              Overall, the Tempurpedic Contour Elite mattress comes with a substantial warranty and trial period, which should give you peace of mind when investing in this expensive mattress. Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the warranty and trial period to ensure you’re well-informed about your options.


              What are the disadvantages of Tempur mattresses?

              The main disadvantage of Tempur mattresses is their high price point. Compared to other memory foam mattresses on the market, Tempur mattresses are some of the most expensive. Another potential disadvantage is the dense, thick foam material which may not be as breathable as other types of mattresses. Some people also find that Tempur mattresses are too firm for their liking which can cause discomfort, especially for those who prefer a softer sleeping surface. Finally, these mattresses can be quite heavy and difficult to move, which can make setting up and moving your bedroom furniture more challenging.

              How much does Tempur Contour Elite weigh?

              The Tempur Contour Elite mattress weighs approximately 115 pounds.

              Which Tempur mattress is the coolest?

              The Tempur-Breeze mattresses such as the Tempur-LuxeBreeze and Tempur-ProBreeze have cooling technology designed to help regulate body temperature during sleep, making them the coolest Tempur mattresses.

              What is the most expensive Tempur?

              The most expensive Tempur mattress is the TEMPUR-GrandBed, which ranges in price from $9,999 to $14,999 depending on the size and firmness option chosen.

              Last Words

              In conclusion, the Tempurpedic Contour Elite is a top-tier mattress that provides exceptional pressure relief, support, and customization for a restful sleep experience. Its firmness, motion isolation, and washable cover make it an ideal choice for couples seeking complete rest without disturbance. However, the mattress’s high price and strong odor may not be suitable for everyone. Nonetheless, it is a good investment for those prioritizing sleep health and quality.

              Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the Tempurpedic Contour Elite’s longevity, and the 10-year warranty and 90-night trial period provide added peace of mind. Ultimately, the mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers, those with orthopedic conditions or back pain, and bigger individuals seeking firm support. In contrast, it may be too firm for side sleepers or individuals with respiratory problems, allergies, chronic pain or arthritis, and asthma. Careful consideration of these factors will guide individuals in making an informed decision about purchasing the Tempurpedic Contour Elite.


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